Olives Kalamatas

Carefully selected, by us for you!

Naturally fermented olives, without  the use of chemicalsl.                                                                         With maximum emphasis on ensuring quality and hygiene, we follow the traditional recipes of our parents, to share with you a taste of our place.



In our region, olive production is based on two well-known and beloved varieties. The oil-making Koroneiki and the edible Kalamon olive. Our trees come from old varieties, which were bequeathed to us by our grandparents. In the spring, the first care of the trees begins with the ¨fine cleaning¨. With this technique we give air and light to the tree and the fruits, cleaning it from the small unnecessary branches. In the summer, with modern mechanical means, we clean the field of weeds, without using any chemical preparation. At the beginning of November, the olive growing season begins. Harvesting is done with modern means and great care so that there is no injury to the fruit or the tree and then the fruit is distributed for further processing. The fruit, after the field, is transported to specially designed areas, where careful quality sorting, washing, classification and storage in suitable tanks are done. Inside there, with the help of the natural microorganisms present in the fruit, a spontaneous natural fermentation begins. The product of this process is the quality fruit, rich in probiotics and with the wonderful familiar taste that we love. Around the end of January, the olive growing season comes to an end, followed by the pruning of the trees and their preparation for the new harvest.