Kalamata Dried Figs

Carefully selected, by us for you!

Of course, sun-dried figs. Without chemical additives, using natural antimicrobial herbs to maintain their optimal quality. Natural source of nutrients, with the sweetest taste.                                

Συσκευασία 100γρ.
Συσκευασία 250γρ.
Συσκευασία 500γρ.


In autumn, before the fig leaves fall, they are pruned. At the beginning of spring, the trees are fertilized with organic fertilizers. The field is cleared of weeds by mechanical means. At the beginning of July, the figs are pollinated. Wild figs are placed on the fig trees to transfer pollen to the tame figs, via the pollination insect. In August, the figs that have fallen ripe to the ground are harvested by hand.